Welcome to Power Animal Yoga / T’ai Chi / Qigong!

Dear Parents, Grandparents,

Educators and Caretakers


The Immense Love of Your Children and Desire to
See Them Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous
Each Moment of Their Precious Lives
Has Led You to



You LOVE to:

Have a Strong, Healthy Body with LESS SICK DAYS

Enjoy a Clear, Focused Mind with LESS EMOTIONAL

Discover and Develop Their UNIQUE TALENTS

Be Happy, Content, and Achieve Their FULL POTENTIAL

Be More Independent and of STRONG MORAL CHARACTER


You are Not Alone in Wanting the BEST for Your Children!

So Do We!


That’s Why . . .

Over 25 Years of Experience and Research went into Creating 
This Enchanting Yoga Dvd For Children
Power Animal Frolics.

That’s Why . . .

There’s Such Detailed Information (Text and Video) About
This Truly Happy Way to Enjoy Healthy Play–
So You Can Make an Informed Decision!


If You Prefer the SHORT VERSION of this Introduction,
Please Visit “Exercise and Children.”


The Power Animal Frolics™ is an Innovative
Yoga Dvd For Children Combining the Three
Most POPULAR Exercises in the World


T’ai Chi


Into a Fun, Healthy, Entertaining Exercise Program
PROVEN to Increase Your Children’s:

Emotional Health

Physical Health

Mental Health








By encouraging your children to mimic their favorite Power Animal
a few minutes every day, they will be getting
what one Chinese Master called . . .

“ . . . the most advanced achievement in body exercise
and mind conditioning ever to be developed.”


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MS, Elementary School Teacher, shares:

“My students LOVE doing the t’ai chi and keep asking for more!

We do it the last 10 minutes of class, before they go to recess,
and everyone is so calm and happy! (especially me!)

It really is a great DVD.
The kids love the costumes and the gentle presentations.

Another teacher has expressed an interest in the DVD so I’m
going to let her see it.  She teaches kindergarten and
does yoga with her little ones.”


This Yoga Dvd For Children-Power Animal Frolics
Is a Magical, Enchanting Disney-Quality
Combination of:

Yoga For Children

Qigong For Children

T’ai Chi For Children 


The Power Animal Frolics Give You and Your Children a
Simple, Fun, Entertaining, and PROVEN Way to Be:

Mentally Alert and Peaceful

Happier and Healthier Than EVER Before

Successful in Whatever You Choose To Do




A FEW Minutes a Day!


Dr. Oz says,

“Yoga is the most important exercise of my daily routine.”


Yoga, T’ai Chi, and Qigong are taught and practiced everyday at
home schools, grade schools, universities, parks, churches,
senior centers, community centers, and hospitals.


What’s MORE . . .

Yoga is #9 on Dr. Oz’s 25 Greatest Health Tips!


NOW, Your Precious Children Can Enjoy the TIME-TESTED,
PROVEN Benefits of Yoga, T’ai Chi, and Qigong
In the Comfort of Your Own Home.

The Power Animal Frolics is a Captivating
Yoga Dvd For Children Featuring:

Fascinating Special Effects

Inspirational, Einstein-Effect Music

Colorful, Elaborate Disney-Quality Costumes

The Grand Daddy of T’ai Chi, Yoga and Qigong–
Animal Frolicking


The Power Animal Frolics are:

Perfectly Compatible with Children’s Attention Spans,
Energy Levels, and Sense of Fun and Adventure

Suitable for Children 2 to 3 Years of Age and Older

An Educational and Fun Activity for Homeschooling,
After School, and Church/Spiritual School!



Children Who Play Like Power Animals Will Become


One Teacher said,

“Even if children experience only a moment of personal peace
while learning (the) Animal Frolics, it’s something
they can take through life.

This is a tool to help people.”


Playing Yoga with Yoga Deer™, T’ai Chi with T’ai Chi Tiger™, and
Qigong with Thunderilla—the Chi Gong Gorilla™
Can Improve your Children’s:

Weight or Overall Physical Health

Relationships at Home, School and Play

Athletic, Artistic, and Scholastic Abilities

Self Esteem so they can Recognize and SAY “NO”
to potentially Harmful Situations and Substances
like Drugs, Tobacco & Alcohol

Confidence Level so they can Achieve their Dreams

Attention Span and Ability to Concentrate and Focus

Ability to Effectively Handle Stressful or Challenging Situations


These and The Many Other Seemingly Incredible Benefits
Of Power Animal Frolicking  have been STUDIED,
2,000 Years in China and India.


In the past 20 years, Western Medical Research has confirmed
these benefits and more, concluding that T’ai Chi, Yoga,
and Qigong practices provide MORE BENEFITS
than any other single exercise.

Dr. Oz tells us,

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong.”

On an ABC News show, Dr. Oz shared and demonstrated how
millions of people in China use T’ai Chi EVERY DAY
to ENERGIZE themselves.


As Your Children Play Power Animal Yoga, T’ai Chi,
And Qigong You Will Likely See Ongoing
Improvements In Their:

Behaviors and Habits

Poise and Self Control

Diseases and Disabilities

Balance and Coordination

Creativity and Imagination

Inner Peace and Outer Power

Memory and Reasoning Abilities

Immune and Lymphatic Systems

Flexibility and Strength in Mind and Body

Overall Well Being and Limitless Successes in Life



I Know These Benefits to be TRUE Based on 30 Years of
Practicing and Teaching Yoga, T’ai Chi & Qigong.


I’m not sharing what I’ve heard, watched, or read.

I’m sharing what I KNOW, SEE and FEEL!

Like me, you and your children can control your minds as easily
as the movement of your arms and legs.

Like me, you and your children can have an abundance of energy
and feel this chi energy joyfully flowing through the inside
of your body like you feel the water from a shower
flowing over the outside of your body.

Like me, your children’s feelings of well being and self esteem
will soar like an eagle higher and higher as
they mimic the Power Animals daily.

I looked at every children’s yoga, t’ai chi and qigong video/dvd 

BEFORE using my 25 years of experience in teaching 

these ancient arts to create the
Power Animal Frolics.


The Power Animal Frolics Weave Six of the
World-Renowned Mayo Clinic’s
Top Ten Complementary
Medical Treatments


T’ai Chi


Music Therapy

Guided Imagery

Embracing Their Spirit

Into Magical and Fun Play for Your children.


Dr. Oz shares in the Mayo Clinic’s endorsement:

“For thousands of years people around the world have
developed alternative therapies to treat
 the body, mind, and the soul . . .

This is the area of Energy Medicine.”



Playing Like Power Animals Also Improves Circulation,
Normalizes Blood Pressure, and Strengthens
Their Immune System.


Your Precious Children:

May be sick less often,
giving you and your family more time to enjoy life.

Can play like Power Animals indoors or outdoors–
in your own home or neighborhood!


You Don’t Have To:

Get in your car and rush them somewhere!

Buy any special shoes, clothes, or equipment either!


Special education children, along with children experiencing any
temporary physical or mental challenges, will also benefit
by playing to their own level of capability and enjoyment.

Simply watching this powerful Yoga Dvd For Children and
imagining they are moving right along with their
Power Animal Pals will yield
remarkable results.

Children can move the chi, the vital energy, through their bodies
by visualizing or mentally directing the flow of energy.

The entire “Power Animals Playing” section can even
be enjoyed sitting down!



Whether Your Children Follow Their Power Animal Pals
Standing or Sitting, Moving or Watching,
They Will Benefit from the Special
Power Animal Frolic MUSIC


The Uplifting, Life Enhancing Music for the Power Animal Frolics
Is Provided by The Einstein of Music,
Robert Anthony Aviles


Einstein said,

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.

I often think in music.

I live my daydreams in music.

I see my life in terms of music.”


Your Children Will Be Moving In Rhythm to

Reduce Stress

Allow Optimum Blood Flow

Increase Energy to the Brain

Increase Balance and Strength

Balance  Left and Right Sides of the Brain

Enhance Agility, Coordination, and Flexibility



Doing Yoga, T’ai Chi & Qigong With Their Power Animal Pals
Can Help Keep Your Children From Over Indulging in:

♥ Bad Habits

♥ Mood Swings

 Unhealthy Food

♥ Harmful Substances

Learning the Power Animal Frolics through this very special
Yoga Dvd For Children will also assist in the
natural development of your
child’s unique body.

Your child’s body may be sleek and graceful like a deer,
trim and strong like a tiger, quick and agile like a monkey,
or bulky and powerful like a gorilla.

But it won’t be overweight and out of shape
(one of the biggest challenges facing our children today)!

The Power Animal Frolics are a Natural Fat Fighter
Natural Obesity Obliterator!



According to researchers in Australia and Taiwan, diabetic patients
who did T’ai Chi a few hours a week for three months
experienced  significant health improvements
compared to control groups.


One of Dr. Oz’s associates, Functional Medicine Doctor Mark Hyman,
Author of the best selling book The Blood Sugar Solution, says,

“Tai Chi is a wonderful . . . art that many benefit from” while
“ . . . yoga offers a comprehensive physical workout,
improves flexibility, and helps relax the
body and mind all
at the same time.”


This Is SO TRUE!


Learning to bend, twist, move, and freeze like their 7 Power Animal Pals
will help your children expand their skill and control
in many areas of life.

They’ll be able to focus when taking a test, relax when facing challenges,
and stay positive when things don’t go as expected.



Albert Einstein also said,

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

It is the source of all true art and science.”


The Power Animal Frolics are a Gracious
Combination of Art and Science.


Children Love the Mystery and Magic of
The Power Animal Frolics.


A Third Grade Student shares,

“Last week you taught me how to feel a ball of energy, so every night
I make a warm, red ball of energy and I take it to sleep with me. 

I sleep much better now.”



Depending On the Child, Learning the Power Animal Frolics
From This Very Special Yoga Dvd for Children
Can Help With Almost Anything!


Dr. Kenneth Sancier states,

“The main conclusion from many studies is that Qigong
enables the body to heal itself.”

Dr. Robin Miller says,

“Tai Chi means ‘Supreme Ultimate Force’.

It combines the two competing forces of the body, known as
Yin and Yang, allowing the chi or energy of the body
to flow freely and enhance health and well-being.”


The Power Animal Frolics Twist and Turn Your Children’s Bodies
More Ways than Any Other Exercise While
Stimulating Their Internal Organs.

As Your Children Mimic Their
Power Animal Pals,
They Will Be:

Learning Life Skills

Creating Life-Enhancing CORE Values

Establishing Healthy Habits That Will Serve Them Every Day


A Grandmother Shares:

 “I got these for my grandchildren (2 sets) a couple of years ago
and they are still using them.

At first, every once in a while, one of the children would be an animal –
and this could last for a week or more – doing the graceful motions
of that animal over and over – now they are making up
story dances of animals and their moves
and use the tape for reference.

One happy Grannie – that’s me!



Stalking the jungle with T’ai Chi Tiger™ and
foraging for honey with Bliss Beary Bear™
will help your children embody . . .





Internal Power

As they swing through the trees with Chi Chi Chimp™
and soar with Eagle Heart™, your
children are embracing . . .






Gliding through the woods with Yoga Deer™
can bring your children . . .





As they pound their chest with Thunderilla—the Chi Gong Gorilla™
and twist and turn with Flame—the Fear Eating Dragon™,
your children are effortlessly taking on the
magic, majesty, and robust health
of these special Power Animals.

Power Animal Frolicking takes your children from a natural state
of activity to being what 9 year old Rebecca
joyfully described as “calm and relaxed.”

The infinite benefits to be derived from playing like these
Power Animals are unique to each person and know
“NO” age barriers!


Dr. Andrew Weil states:

“Yoga is one of the best forms of non aerobic exercise that can
improve muscle tone, flexibility, and balance . . .

it will also make them calmer and more balanced
emotionally and spiritually.”

Dr. Weil recommends both Qigong and T’ai Chi as part of a
health maintenance program suitable for nearly anyone.



Regardless of Age, We All Need to Play and Exercise
Our Body, Mind, and Imagination.


The Power Animal Frolics
is a Yoga Dvd for Children of ALL AGES!


Frolicking With Your Children is a joyful way to meet
your own need for play and exercise, bring
you closer together as a family, and
enhance your parenting skills.


A Mother shares:

“Unique, wish there was more t’ai chi and yoga for kids out there.

3-yr old daughter LOVES this.

We’ll do the T’ai Chi together. 

I think she likes the animal costumes.”


We encourage you to jump right in, frolic along,
and help them if needed.

Studies show children crave disciplined play like the
Power Animal Frolics and love to play with adults.

Many children also lack confidence in their exercise abilities.

Frolicking with your children will provide this confidence,
while strengthening their trust and comfort in you.

Talk with them about how they can use the traits, skills, and
characteristics of their Power Animals to
solve challenging situations at
home, school, or play.

Help your children apply them to their daily life!


A Failing 5th Grade Student Who Enhanced His Ability to Focus:

“I do just what you said when I don’t remember the answer.

I sit very still, focus on the energy ball in my stomach,
take 5 breaths, and then,
I know the answer.”


Most of All, Let Power Animal Smiles
Spread Across Your Faces,
Laugh, and Have Fun!


It’s my experience that the joy and benefits of the Power Animal Frolics
are greatly enhanced when “two or more” people practice together.

Dr. Oz said on Oprah that we’ve

 “ . . . got to make physical activity part of family activity.”



This Yoga Dvd For Children is All About Healthy Fun!


Learning the Power Animal movements and poses can help instill an
unshakeable sense of confidence and accomplishment
in your children that they will carry throughout life.

Twisting, bending, moving, and freezing with their Power Animal Pals
can also help your children discover and develop their own
unique imagination and creative gifts.


Albert Einstein said,

“Imagination is everything—more important than knowledge. 

It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”


Attention span, concentration, and memory will become stronger
and stronger as your children continue to practice.

As such, the Power Animal Frolics are a wonderful adjunct therapy for
treating Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD or ADD).

The Power Animal Frolics are also an effective adjunct therapy for
children experiencing the challenges of Autism (ASD).


Second grader Abbey says these practices “quietly calm my body down.”


The Power Animal Frolics Can Also Help
Pain Related Challenges
Like Fibromyalgia

According to Dr. Oz,

“Scientists have indeed studied tai chi as a treatment for fibromyalgia —
and the findings from this research are very exciting.

A 2010 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found
that people with fibromyalgia who learned and practiced T’ai chi
regularly experienced a significant reduction
in pain and other symptoms.”



Children’s Bodies and Minds Grow at Tremendous Rates!


Such constant change can be very painful and stressful.

Playing like Power Animals helps children handle all sorts of
stressful situations by becoming more
calm and aware of what’s
going on inside them.

A constantly changing body also makes coordination and balance
a big challenge for many children.

Research has shown that the Power Animal Frolics presented on this
Yoga Dvd For Children strengthens equilibrium, so your children
will be getting a life long gift of balance and coordination.

The Power Animal Frolics instill values of inner peace versus
hurry and worry, humility versus arrogance,
and assertiveness versus aggression.

Instead of teaching children how to argue and fight like many
television shows, movies, and video games, the
Power Animal Frolics show your children
how to be in control of their
bodies, minds, and energies.

They teach children that real strength comes from an
awareness of themselves and their surroundings.


By Pretending to be Power Animals, Children Learn to:

Be as relaxed as a cat while remaining alert
and capable of super fast reactions

Flow around their problems like water in a stream and
still be as powerful as a mighty waterfall


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Research has Shown that the Power Animal Frolics Provide
ALL the BENEFITS of a Rigorous Workout but,
Because They are Not Strenuous,
They Carry NO Potentially
Harmful Side Effects.

The Power Animal Frolics are  a TRULY PROVEN WAY for Your Child
Or Anyone for That Matter to Develop Their Full Potential as a
Healthy, HAPPY, PROSPEROUS & LOVING Human Being.

The Power Animal Frolics WILL NOURISH Your Children’s
Minds, Bodies, and Spirits like Sunshine, Soil, and
Water Magically Nurture a Flower.


As that Great Sage, Dennis the Menace, said:

“The best thing you can do is to get very good at being you!”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I Invite YOU to GIVE Your Children the Opportunity to
Enjoy the Bountiful Blessings of the

Power Animal Frolics

By Gifting
Them This Enchanting,
Educational & Entertaining
Yoga DVD for Children of ALL AGES!


Gifting Your Children the “Power Animal Frolics” Will Also
Benefit the Thousands of Other Children & Families
Our Non Profit Serves.


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Power Animal Frolic DVD
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